Accomplishments & Goals

Furthering Progressive Values

  • Passed Minimum Wage as Council President

  • Passed legislation providing equal benefits for same-sex couples employed by County contractors

  • Marijuana Decriminalization and Lowest Law Enforcement Priority Resolution

  • Created Right to Vote Task Force and Passed Right to Vote Resolution

  • Passed Gun Control Resolution

  • Passed Secure Communities Resolution

  • Organized Latino Action Summit in partnership with the White House as a member of the White House Commission on Educational Excellence for Hispanics

  • Organized Latino Civic Association project & Conference Series

  • Increased Council transparency–televise all Council sessions, improved Council communications

  • Added funding for Suburban Welcome Back Center

  • Added funding for child care for most vulnerable residents

  • Created bilingual Council public information officer and weekly Spanish-language  radio show

  • Passed legislation creating a program that promotes and prioritizes the use of public facilities for organizations that serve youth, vulnerable, and low-income residents
  • Passed legislation improving access to affordable health insurance for employees of County contractors and strengthening the County’s Living Wage Law
  • Passed strongest Earned Sick & Safe Leave law in the nation

Improving Quality of Life

  • Created and subsequently expanded Teen Escape Club program

  • Procured funding for traffic calming and pedestrian safety improvements on Castle Blvd

  • New Hampshire Avenue Street Lighting

  • Colesville Facade Improvement

  • Saved Ride On’s “Kids Ride Free” Program from proposed funding cuts

  • Increased funding for Street Outreach Network – a gang prevention program – in FY13 budget

  • Increased funding for Excel Beyond the Bell in FY13 budget

  • Accelerated construction of new Wheaton Library & Recreation Center

  • Protected funding for Wheaton High School/Edison Technical High School Modernization

  • Helped establish Health Center at Bel Pre Elementary School

  • Hosted Community Foreclosure Seminar

  • Secured funding for County led redevelopment in Wheaton

  • Secured funding for expansion of Wellness Centers to new schools including Wheaton High School

  • Created Senior Villages Coordinator position

  • Passed legislation creating the Child Care Expansion and Quality Enhancement Initiative
  • Secured funding for the Wheaton Redevelopment Program and the Wheaton Library and Recreation Center

Demonstrating Fiscal Responsibility

  • Implemented County’s Fiscal and Reserve Plan as chair of GO Committee

  • Maintained County’s AAA Bond Rating as chair of GO Committee

  • Made difficult decisions regarding compensation, benefits, and mid-year reductions at the height of the Great Recession

  • Created “Small Business Assistance Program” to help small businesses that are adversely impacted by County-led redevelopment

Promoting Sustainable Growth

  • Wheaton Sector Plan

  • Glenmont Sector Plan

  • Chevy Chase Lake Sector Plan

  • Long Branch Sector Plan

  • Kensington Sector Plan

  • Countywide Corridors Functional Master Plan (BRT)

  • White Oak Science Gateway Master Plan

  • Sandy Spring Rural Village Plan (Pending)

2015-2018 Goals

  • Changing the narrative about the Mid- and East- County

  • Framing the elimination of the Academic Achievement Gap as a socioeconomic imperative

  • Developing a framework for policymakers to meet our future workforce needs

  • Implementing Wheaton Redevelopment and the White Oak Science Gateway

  • Fully funding the Small Business Assistance Program

  • Creating a dedicated funding stream for youth programming (at local and state level)

  • Expanding quality early childhood education and improving access for family childcare providers

  • Continuing to build capacity for improved Council communications with the public

  • Improving quality of life in previously neglected neighborhoods

  • Providing affordable health insurance to low-income County contractors

  • Requiring earned sick leave for all workers