A stroll through Brookeville in 1812

I am very excited about a project that the Sandy Spring Museum is seeking to undertake in Brookville. “A Stroll through Brookeville in 1812” would be a weekend long event featuring a tour of historic homes in Brookeville where costumed interpreters would teach visitors about the history of the homes, the occupants, the architecture, and the history of the town of Brookeville. There would also demonstrations of period crafts like weaving, spinning, and blacksmithing.

Brookeville, of course, has a rich history having been “U.S. Capital for a Day” during the War of 1812. The town, and many of its residents, have gone to great lengths to preserve many of its historic resources, and in addition to helping to document and preserve a piece of Montgomery County’s history, this program could bring visitors from all over the country, people who might also visit our stores, restaurants, and hotels.

I recently wrote a letter to the Maryland Heritage Area Authority supporting the Sandy Spring Museum’s application for a grant for this project, and I am optimistic that it will succeed.